Testimony of deaf dog

150 150 Patricia Esteves

We were incredibly lucky to find Patricia when we were struggling with our newly acquired Boston Terrier puppy, Leia, who was born deaf. With unwavering patience, Patricia skillfully taught us how to communicate with Leia using gestual cues. She also connected us with a specialized nutrition vet to adjust Leia’s raw diet. What sets Patricia apart is her dedication. She helped seamlessly integrate Leia into our world. When our younger son’s Boston Terrier (dog reactive), Obi, arrived from South Africa, Patricia, guided us in introducing, Obi to Leia. Patricia has a remarkable connection with dogs and owners. We highly recommend her as a trainer. Her expertise and genuine love for dogs have made an immeasurable difference in Leia and Obi’s lives and ours.

Testimony cats

150 150 Patricia Esteves

We are incredibly grateful for Patricia’s work in resolving our cats’ behavior problems. When we sought help, we were facing intense conflicts between our cats and concerning behaviors such as excessive licking and the ingestion of non-food objects. She conducted a thorough assessment of the situation and developed a comprehensive treatment plan, addressing not only behavioral issues but also taking into consideration medical and environmental factors that were contributing to our cats’ behavior.

Testimonial do as i do

150 150 Patricia Esteves

As we worked through the ‘Do As I Do’ protocol, I was amazed by the results. It was incredible to witness my dog not only mirroring my actions but also demonstrating an eagerness to learn and engage. This training method not only strengthened the bond between us but also enriched our communication. I owe this newfound connection to Patricia’s expertise and guidance.

Testimonial reactive dog

150 150 Patricia Esteves

Throughout the training process, Patricia provided us with invaluable insights into our dog behavior and the reasons behind it. Her personalized approach ensured that our dog training plan was tailored to his unique needs and personality. Not only did our dog respond incredibly well to Patricia’s techniques, but she also made the learning experience enjoyable for our dog.